Fie Sir, thou art a Troll

Fie Sir 

(a response to a provocative post)


Your voyeuristic anal post

Has got me choking on my toast

I should have better things to do

Than commenting on sex and poo

Whilst everybody likes a joke

‘Tis somewhat niche, the anal poke

Night up the alley, hard to see

For those without a front door key

What people do behind closed doors

With wives or husbands, friends or whores

Is up to them when with consent

I question, sir, your post’s intent

We English hide within our castles

No comment when it comes to assholes

Trolling really gets my goat

Fie, sir, flounder in my moat

I hope your banal gasket’s blown

Write what you know and get your own


by Gail

Serious Women

For serious women everywhere, and for Philippa

serious women

Serious Women


Some of us have faces

That are less inclined to mirth

Mapped upon them traces

Of the journey from our birth

Inscrutable, mysterious

The face our mother gave

Inherently quite serious

Disconcerting, grave

See us in the street and we are

Focussed and unblinking

Eyes fixed on horizon far

Minding our own thinking

We’re not sad, or mad or bad

It’s just the face we’ve grown

You don’t know the life we’ve had

So frankly, mind your own

Control your neediness and fear

Your urge to poke and pry

We save for folk who hold us dear

The twinkle in our eye

“Give us a smile, darling”

“It hasn’t happened yet”

Trite words to get us snarling

“Excuse me?  Wanna bet?”

To the endless trivial

Comments offered everyday

We respond with the convivial

“It’s just arranged that way!”


If you don’t understand my face

How dare you stoop to diss it

My arse is well imbued with grace

So kiss it


by Gail