burning for justice

the weather, today

overcast, with a high chance

of riots and rain


dark clouds, gathering

tall towers and tipping points

enemies within


cities, simmering

angry hearts of righteous men

burning for justice


behind closed doors, committees

talk damage limitation


© Gail Foster 16th June 2017

bromham fields



autumn rainbows stripe

vegetable september

across bromham fields;

roundway island, hazed in mist

on a marrow orange sea

wiltshire sunbeams fall

gold on the cockle pickers

green fields, fishermen;

down fruit littered ditches glint

glitter strewn rivers of light


© Gail Foster September 16th 2016


Journey to London, August 1st

Thoughts on Public Transport



Pewsey Hills

mist of Vale rising

unclothing hills of ivory

revealing glory









The Train Cuckoo

In the Reserved seats,

elsewhere by fate diverted,

invisible men;

weather, lover’s bed or grave?

What cares the cuckoo for why?

by Gail