Katie Hopkins; Wild Redemption


Katie Hopkins, what a bitch

She really makes my innards itch

She’s paid to spit and vent her bile

Her views are simply crass and vile

The woman thinks that refugees

Should all die screaming in the seas

And now she is an educator?

Well, Brunel students sure don’t rate her

Poor Katie got no praise or thanks

Just fifty silent backs in ranks

Her thoughts upon the welfare state

Perceived to be just tosh and hate

They sent her straight to Coventry

A damned good place for her to be

She’s blaming social media

For everyone is wrong but her

Not like she’s a cow at all

Or cares if pride precedes a fall

As long as she still earns a wad

She’ll carry on like some bad God

Dispensing poison, spitting blood

Dragging free speech through the mud

In years gone by our ears would twitch

A mob would rise and kill the witch

But that was then, and this is now

Best to simply shun the cow

For centuries of love and learning

Persuade us Katie’s not for burning

She’s bound to go too far one day

For Karma’s not a bitch to play

Eternal justice, endless fall

Oh, Katie won’t like that at all

Forever with the evil dead, and

Haunted, by the things she’s said


Do you really want that, Kate?

It’s not too late to recreate

In love there’s simply no exemption

Just endless joy and wild redemption…


by Gail






Brutal Truth

Brutal Truth

 Should we view images of death and evil in the media?


Brutal truth; how dare you burn our eyes

How dare you mark our quiet hearts with pain

Our gentle ears are deafened with your cries

Our worlds will never be the same again

Brutal truth; without you we deny

Ourselves, our fear, the part we have to play

So shine your fierce searchlight from the sky

Force in to form the shadows of the day

Brutal truth; unchain our memory

And rend the veil that shrouds a lie from sight

The evolution of humanity

Is in your hands; stir us to flight or fight

To know ourselves and know our enemy

Shifting deserts, oceans flowing free


by Gail