The Hate He Felt For Me


If I had known that he cared not for me

I would have dropped him, like a burning stone

Too blinded I, by silly love, to see

The hatred that he bore me to the bone

If I had seen beyond his wit, and charm

I could have passed him by upon the street

Protected heart from hurt, and pride from harm

Refrained from falling, fawning, at his feet

I should have sensed the loathing in his touch

The cold resentment in his blood and bile

Too lost was I, in silly love, too much

To see the silent scorn behind his smile

Now he is gone, and I shall ever be

Astounded by the hate he felt for me


by Gail











The One


He was The One, The One, The One

He was The One, it was true

And it would have been perfect, but for the fact

That he wasn’t just one, he was two

It was just like a threesome, most of the time

There was me, there was Jekyll, and Hyde

Jekyll was honest, and loving, and kind

But Hyde had the devil inside

A turn of a sixpence, a phase of the moon

Imperceptible shifts of the light

And dear Mr Jekyll would turn in to Hyde

Who was darker than graves in the night

I just wanted Jekyll, just Jekyll, you see

But Hyde came as part of the deal

The addition of me, making two in to three

Made a triangle spin like a wheel

It was my fault, all my fault, everything

According to Hyde, in his view

They’d be better without me, Jekyll agreed

So that’s when the three became two


Good luck to the pair of you, Jekyll, and Hyde

As you skip, arm in arm, to the sun

Well suited, free, but quite useless for me

For neither of you were The One


by Gail



Seven Year Itch

seven year itch (2)



Seven Year Itch


your seven year itch;

flare of eczema infected

raw sore and weeping


your shattered hour glass;

irritating grains of sand

debriding old skin


your fingernail scratch;

sacrificial blood letting



your allergic rash;

self-fulfilling prophecy

psycho somatic


my fragility;

remedied with wisdom’s balm

time passing quietly


by Gail