Tracey and the Boar

An apology to Tracey Emin for the rhyme ‘Not Feeling Tracey’s Badger’

written with unwisdom on the train home from

the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition…


hands up

Tracey and the Boar


I woke this morn regretting it

Saying Tracey’s Owl is s**t!

With one mean and sarky jerk

I cast aspersions on her work

The opinion that I hold of Tracey:

Brave and bold and rather racy

I’m just jealous of her balls

And that she has her stuff on walls

The girl’s been doing it for years

Painting truth through joy and tears

An artist’s path is long and rough

What right have I to knock her stuff?

The animals were pretty cute

(I swear I heard the Owl hoot)

Hands up, Tracey, I repent

For you are truly Eminent


If I were Tracey I would draw

This sorry poet as a Boar

by Gail


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