United, Reformed

A poem for the wedding of Martin and Jayne, who married at the United Reformed Church in Malmesbury on Saturday.

United, Reformed

The Marriage of Martin and Jayne

When the Queen of Sheba, so ‘tis said

Came to ask of Solomon the King

Whether the tales told of him held true

He saw her beauty and entrusted her

With knowledge and the wisdom of all things


In this dear church today bedecked, with

Country flowers from Wiltshire gardens plucked

She comes to plight eternal troth to him

He stands beneath the Rood with certainty

The Rede she brings his true heart comprehends


In lilting voice the kind Welsh minister intones

A rare and ancient Scottish wedding rite

Rings grace their hands as tokens of their love

Engraven with the joy of Cornish lands

Solemn the vows they speak to man and God


Today so many complicated threads

Are bound together with simplicity

Two become one within the blesséd Trinity

Faith from the halls of history made new

United, reformed and sanctified with Love



by Gail Foster

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