Eternal Symmetry

This poem was written for Lou and Lee from Devizes.  They were wed in the Town Hall on Saturday and afterwards went to a Secret Garden.  In this garden stood a Himalayan Birch, the bark of which is still used as paper for the writing of sacred mantras in Sanskrit.

The Marriage of Lou and Lee

On the bark of a Himalayan tree

Are spells of love in Sanskrit writ

In the warp and the weft of a tapestry

Are threads of love together wove

Entwined today are Lou and Lee

Lamp of their love by starlight lit

Two souls are one, together, free

As the wind in the leaves of a secret grove


The love of a bird for a beast is true

Bright as a flame in the heat of May

As old as the love that Adam knew

Darker than Eve beneath the tree

Blessed be the love of Lee and Lou

Let flowers bloom, let night be day

Two voices, one song, in the words “I do”

For love is eternal symmetry

Gail Foster

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