Election Dis Function

With apologies to good Tories, the merely misguided and those who are offended by swearing…

Election Dis Function

The parties are all over

Fat smug ladies have sung

Today we know our Parliament

Is not Well Hung


A loud triumphal snort was heard

As Georgie passed the line

We’ve got a Tory Government

And the rich will do just fine


Corks have been popping

Lemons have been sucked

We’ve got us a new Parliament

And the poor are F***ed


Farewell to the old guard

Their ghostly voices haunt the halls

Now there’s a new Government

That’s got no Balls


In the graveyard there’s an Edstone

Under which Nick sleeps uneasy

We’ve got us a new Parliament

And Farage is feeling queasy


Now we’ll all be shafted

By old Etonians and bankers

We’ve got a right wing Government

You put them there, you w***ers


Hoorah for the posh boys

Break out the champagne and the coke

You voted in the Tories!

What a f***ing joke


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