truly odd; a bowie thing


something strange to earth was sent

dropped some art then simply went

now lonely spiders left on mars

watch red shoes dance on dusty stars

and walls of televisions sing

sweet things about the rebel king

the lad insane, the skinny duke

androgynous inspired fluke

flight of peacock, coloured flash

funkin’ funky ash to ash

china diamond, cold as god

genuinely, truly odd


by gail

Strange Poets

light on metal


strange poets never cease but to amaze

with words describing things we had forgot

or never knew to start with; who knows what

may move another poet’s muse to phrase

the simply indescribable in rhyme

within a string of sentences enshrine

the essence of complexity sublime

with every word a jewel within a line

strange poets see things hidden in the light

and force the formless mist within to matter

express the indefinable and flatter

dead love to life and nothingness to sight;

by use of sense and symbol and the will

they stir to movement that which once was still


by Gail