Easter Sunday; Devizes


for John (Ted) Dexter


no cars on the road

all of the town sofa bound

food lulled and sleeping

walking home, a man

evensong’s slow gentle peace

on him like monks’ robes

old man and poet

meet in quiet communion

by the graveyard gate

souls of the same shade

in unspoken fellowship

watching the birds fly

on the bridge, silence

white blossom, silver water

Easter Sunday light


© Gail Foster 17th April 2017

Midnight Mass; St. John’s

IMG_3588 - Copy


Church on Christmas Eve

Experience of spirit

Secular delight

Candles flickering

Stirred by one communal breath

Casting bright shadows

The choir whispering

Mournful cadenced melodies

That bless the silence

Drunken folk giggling

Respectfully hiccupping

Noisy chundering

Strange and precious faith

The uninitiated

Wary, questioning

Through agnostic eyes

Such peculiar mystery

Custom, novelty

The truth hides in love

Ancient priests and children know

Its simplicity

The door is opened

Out in to the night The Word

Flies on sacred wings

Midnight Mass; the light

In darkness comprehending

Emptiness with joy


by Gail

Performance Poetry

Is it cool to review yourself?  Probably not…

Performance Poetry


Mad gladiator

Tossing herself to lions

Armed with only wit



“Titties” brought out for the lads

In verbal foreplay


Lyrical satire

Like pencils sharped for pricking

Holes in lead balloons


From naughty corner

More by wine amused than rhyme

A shadow giggles


The tumbleweed blows

Words settle on silent ground

With one hand clapping


The poet’s cloak hides

Shoulders warm and broad enough

To quiver with mirth


by Gail