Geek Magician

Geek Magician

for the kid at Currys in Swindon, and for Charlie Higgs


Techy kid, techy kid

I just don’t get what you just did

I did the alt delete thing, then

I switched it off and on again

Left it alone and walked away

Had coffee and knelt down to pray

Asked nicely through my tears with love

And then repeated the above

Then went to bed and slept on it

And woke to find it still was sh*t

Where coloured lights and words had been

Just me, reflected in the screen

No choice then but to get the bus

And beg for help, with tears and fuss

You were unassuming, cool

You watched me weep a salty pool

And kindly smiled and flicked a switch

Reducing trauma to a glitch

With just a single finger press

You saved a damsel from distress

And then you gave me good advice

Your patience was refreshing, nice

I just don’t get what you just did

Or where you have your powers hid

Kids like you I shunned at school

I thought you boring and uncool

Being on the internet all day

Not going out to drink and play

Not trying to be hard or hot

Not caring if you are or not

But you, my friend, have kindly eyes

And keep your wisdom for the wise

You just don’t need to make a show

Still waters deep with quiet flow


Techy kid, techy kid

I’m so impressed with what you did

Kind scientist and statistician

Spelling logic geek magician


by Gail