Facebook Theology

On matters of the bible
I’ve been thinking, as you do
That probably, most likely
Only some of it is true
It’s a little bit like Facebook
I think as I scroll past
A meme about Leviticus
With which I can’t be arsed


© Gail Foster 12th February 2017


Faffing About On Facebook


I’m faffing about on Facebook

Been avoiding it for years

What began as curiosity will

Doubtless end in tears

Hear no speak no see no

Evil learned in conversation

All that knowledge lost in

Two dimensional translation

Like me, share me, follow

All my kittens, quips and poops

See the same old tired threads

Go round and round in loops

Hang out on my home page

Scroll me up and down

Watch my ego on the prowl

Go trolling round the town

Some nights I sit upon my hands

All mischievous and itchy

In order to prevent myself

From posting stuff that’s bitchy

Big Brother sure is watching you

As are the crass and haters

Dark agent provocateurs

And dodgy mass debaters

What price anonymity when

You join the cyber race

Check out your reflection

Mirrored in this interface

Be careful what you wish for

For you may regret you’ve said it

Words that carry on the wind

Can go too far to edit

More human than divine is this

Our need for validation

Best to drink this heady wine

With cautious moderation

Pictures paint a thousand words

In galleries of minions

Words spoken once may be twice shy

Put thought before opinions

Don’t forget the Golden Mean

Steer clear of lie and rumour

And when your birds come home to roost

Accept them with good humour

I’ve been faffing about with Facebook

And I know that I’ll regret it

Nuclear power, for good or ill

… I guess I kind of get it


by Gail