Fall and Rise; for Phil North

For Phil North, on the occasion of the election of Donald Trump


Phil North, the Hyperborean

Doth know, as a historian

That kings and empires big and small

All fall and rise, and rise and fall

His studies of the ancient lands

No mere mortal understands

Greeks and Celts and bloody Romans

Dodgy cults and phallic gnomons

Ask a question if you dare

And he will tell you then and there

Dark mysteries of war and men

Of what they did, and why, and when

And show you where it all began

Beyond first cause and fall of man

Where you will find what he has found

Just gyres, turning round and round

And ‘neath the sun no new surprise

All rise and fall, and fall and rise


© Gail Foster 9th November 2016

4 thoughts on “Fall and Rise; for Phil North

  1. When I saw the title of this Poem it confirmed that Gail Foster Devizes Poet is the Gail Foster I knew…it seems soooo long ago…and yet only yesterday.
    Oh the wonders of the Internet!
    Perhaps you remember us?
    Mike and I have been living in France for the last 15 years!
    If you want to get in touch the email is besleu@ hotmail.com.
    Best wishes for 2017…lots of love and hugs
    Elle ( Gilbert) xxxxxx


  2. PS was so wowed by finding you I forgot to how much I love your poems….glad to see that you haven’t lost your wicked sense of humour. X


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