Dissing Disney: dismal karma sonnet


Dissing Disney Dismal Karma Sonnet

(a true story)

“Don’t make me go to Disneyland!” I cried

Fourteen years old with all the angst that brings

They made me go and something in me died

Depressed by all the fake and plastic things

The second time my parents made me go*

Was in my twenties, Paris, lucky me

I sulked; I’m an aesthetic snob, you know

Too selfish to enjoy my children’s glee

The third time was the worst, the fuss I made

At thirty odd, made odder still by drink

I tried to run, got caught in a parade

The final Mickey piss take; now I think

I want to go to Dismaland! Bad luck

For can I get a ticket?  Can I f**k!

by Gail

*without artistic licence, and from the perspective of the present, this sentence would read: “The second time my beloved parents kindly paid for me and my children to go to Disneyland…!”

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